Sunday, August 20, 2017

FLYING EYES/LAZLO LEE – Split7” H42 Records H42-043)

This is an interesting split 7” with two bands from Baltimore. The Flying Eyes, most of you out there are familiar with but Lazlo Lee, I bet not.  Each band do a cover of the other band. Ain’t acting Right (TFE) is a pretty heavy track with a fuzzed out solo and low fi production.  Lazlo Lee and the Motherless Children lay down Nowhere to Run from the Flying Eyes debut LP (2011).  I have to say I really dug the energy in this version both in the band but also the vocals. Pity these songs are so short. Pretty cool artwork on this fold out cover. Made in 300 copies, 4 different colours.

Avon- Six Wheeled Action Man Tank 7” H42 Records H42-041)

This is a new band with Alfredo Hernández (Kyuss, QOTSA), James Child and Charles Pasarell. They released a debut album in 2016 and this is their first release in 2017.  The title track is a high-energy rock track with a bit of a mysterious feel to it. The chorus is catchy and the vocals melodic in this track about a tank toy.  It has the energy of early QOTSA stuff. The Kurgan is the B-side and a more slow stoner blues type thing to start but then it really picks up again reminding me of QOTSA especially the way the bass line drives the track.  There is a white vinyl (150) and a green vinyl tour edition (150). Check it out..

GREENLEAF/STEAK SPLIT 7” (H42 Records H42-040)

This is a pretty cool release. Greenleaf provide their very first track, Sold my Old Lady (out of the back of an Oldsmobile), released 17 years ago!  This song was on their debut 7” back in 2000. I had never heard this track.  The band’s sound is for sure more raw and in your face than today. Track is pretty simple but I dig the vocal, simple groove and psychedelic guitars.  Great track.  Steak (lead by London Desertfest organizer) are back with their first new music since their debut album Slab City (2014). The track Overthrow starts with a solo guitar line and some freaky sound feedback in the background before the main stoner riff kicks in. Wow.. what the fuck, the snare reverb?? That is special. It really distracted me before the groove kicks in and off we go folks. This band has a really powerful singer (he blew me away when I saw them live!).  A bit predictable but powerful stuff.  This was released in 430 copies on three colours of vinyl (oniy 30 black!).


These two bands have a long history together including a collaboration called Alpha Cat. This limited edition box set contains the following: 6 7” records, 3 splits the band has made, a special Desertfest 7”, Underworld 7”(only in the die hard version box) and the Alpha Cat 7”.  There are two editions of this as well each with a poster and booklet, CD and 3 postcards. The total run is only 200 copies.  I got the promo CD which features 9 tracks and includes the Alpha Cat 7” (H42-042), which was released separately as well as in this box. If you don’t already have these 7”s and are a fan of these bands, then you can’t really go wrong with this set of classic instrumental stoner rock material.  The price is very good as well at 20€ for the CD box of 35€ for the 5x7”.

WIGHT- Atlas 7” (H42 Records H42-044)

I really loved the last Wight album (the Funk record!!) and what a new direction the band had taken.  I was not sure if this was going to be along those lines or back to their stoner rock roots.  This 7” features two versions of the track Atlas, one is a different mix by Daniel Stenger. The track was recorded live in the studio in Jan 2017. Side A, this version is a keyboard driven sort of dark ballad with powerful vocals. No real solos or instrumental breaks. Flip it over for something totally different. Daniel has stripped the track down to just bass, drums (and percussion) and vocals (no keyboards until later when there is a cool organ solo) and made this into a real like 70s soul number. Wow…  did not see that coming at all but that was damn cool. Side A plays on 33rpm while side B is 45rpm.. Just be aware. Made in 250 copies in 4 different colours.