Friday, January 5, 2018

Gaia/Slow Joint Split LP (Virkelighedsfjern Vir025)

Gaia and Slow Joint are two Copenhagen trios that have played a lot of gigs together in the underground doom-sludge scene. This time the band joined together to make a split LP. Side A starts off with two long tracks by Gaia (some of the members also play in Måneskjold). Gaia starts things off with the stoner doom monster Wound Gravity (10mins).  Slow, constant stoned doom with some vocals pushed to the back. Some of them are almost like throat singing and very drony. Cool.  There’s Nothing Left, another long one starts with a more melodic guitar and a slow build. The heavy doomy stuff does not start to creep in for several minutes. Stoned…… Flip the sucker over for some Slow Joint. Beverage Joe starts with some feedback and bass before the track really kicks off and reminds me a bit of Weedeater.  A more in your face vocal and stoner-doom like a slower Church of Misery.  Low and Slow is a bit more angry and with a cool guitar riff. Politicks is very angry with another heavy doomy riff. No solos from either band on these releases.  Check em out and play it really LOUD.

Hawkwind- At the Roundhouse (Cherry Red Records)

Hawkwind are back with another live release. This was recorded live at the Roundhouse in London on there In The Woods tour in 2017. It was the first time the band had played at the Roundhouse since 1977 (Motorhead was the support act!).  The special edition comes in a cool box with two CDs, a DVD and a nice booklet and poster.  The set is a real mix of the new and the old, showing a band that is continuing to move forward and not just playing their old 70s material, which makes 11 of the 20 tracks.  The band is quite new with Niall no longer with them, Jez and Tim gone. In with some new fresh blood with a young Haz on bass, Magnus Martin on synths and some guitar, and Michal on sax (from Poland). Dave, Dibs and Richard are the core of the band.  It is a strong set and I enjoyed it quite a lot but I really miss some old school analog space sounds on the older tracks. Dibs has a computer and something that he kicks out some occasionally pre-recorded sounds and Magnus plays some organ and more modern synth sounds but not much old school electronics. A few tracks have prerecorded vocals and guitar that the band play over the top like Vegan Lunch. A bit strange. Dave is great on the guitar but sadly mixed way too low. No balls to the guitar at all, sounds like he is in the other room sometimes.. Pity. The DVD is just one camera straight on with not a very high resolution. It is good enough to capture the amazing visuals but the band is very low res and fuzzy.  The rhythm section of Dave, Richard and Haz is excellent throughout. I should also mention that Phil Campbell (Motorhead) joins the band for the two encore songs. Overall, a solid release. 

Earthride- Witch Gun 7” (Totem Cat Records TOTEM 021)

Earthride is a doom rock band from Maryland lead by Dave Sherman. The band has been around for a long time with their first release way back in 2002 but this is the first new material since 2010, when they released the great Something Wicked and a split 7” with Doomraiser.  Very cool artwork on this 7”. Witch Gun starts things off with a heavy riff and one that will have you banging your head slowly as Dave’s cool voice takes control. Damn cool song with some really cool dual psychedelic leads (a bit too short but cool). Bridge Burner is a bit slower and melodic and a bit like Spirit Caravan at times. Two cool guitar solos in this track. You can hear a live version below from the Stoned and Doomed Festival 2017. This has to be played super LOUD.  Now, we just need a full length record!

Deadly Vipers- Fueltronaut (Oak Island Records 2017)

Deadly Vipers are a new French stoner rock band. This CD features 9 tracks in 40 mins and rocks. Fuel of Prophecy starts off very Sabbath like and features a pretty cool guitar when the song starts to differentiate from the main opening riff and then it takes off into total stoner groove rock ala Dozer, Kyuss, Los Natas and the singer, wow, sounds almost exactly like John Garcia, down to the vocal inflections (at least on this song!).  Universe keeps the stoner rock groove flowing. Doppelganger Sun is also real old school sounding stoner riff rock, with a pretty well used riff to start. I really dig this track, which is a bit slower with a not so John Garcia like vocal. The Prey goes On is a bit more melodic and moody. Stalker slows it down with a heavy doomy bass line and reminds me of Samsara Blues Experiment. Meteor Valley has a nice long instrumental section with some lead guitar which was really cool. A nice change from mostly straight up stoner riff rock. Supernova is a cool track (see video below) reminded me a bit of Nova Driver (remember this cool Small stone band??). Dead Summer is another kyuss inspired track that gets slow and doomy at the end. River of Souls finishes off the record and if you are patient after the long silence there is a cool mellow spacey jam. A pretty cool new stoner band. Hope they manage to get around in Europe.

Alan Davey Questionnaire 2018

I first met Alan when he was in Hawkwind in the USA in 1995 in New Haven Conn, when I did an interview with Richard, Ron Tree, Dave and Alan. I then met Allan again at the Hawkfan gathering in Hamburg where he played with Bedouin. As you know, Alan has made a lot of music with different projects since his days in Hawkwind. Find out a bit more about him now as he has recently left  the UK and moved to the USA.

Where´s Home

 The Californian desert west of Death Valley.

Earliest Space Rock Memory?

 At 12 years old hearing my brother Andy playing Hawkwind albums especially Doremi Fasol Latido.

 First Space rock record you bought?? 

 Hawklords 1978.

First Space Rock Gig

Hawklords 1978 in Ipswich, England.

Guilty Musical Pleasures

Dolly Parton, Danny Minogue.

Biggest Space Rock Extravaganza or gig..

 1987, Acid Daze, Finsbury Park, London with 10,000 people and Lemmy.!

Fave Venue

 Brixton Academy, London.

Outside of Space Rock, what are you into?

 Motörhead, Devo and Charlie 'Bird' Parker mostly.

What do you collect?

Toy American cars but not new ones, old beaten up ones and also fishing lures.

The last Space Rock album you bought?

 Can-Tago Mago.

Your Space Rock Hero?

 Bob Calvert.

Last Space Rock Gig you attended?

 Hawkwind 1984.

Ever had a Space Rock Date

 A few!

Who do you call in the Space Rock community for a good night out?

 It used to be Lemmy. Now Tommy Brookman.

Most important Space Rock song?

 Time We Left this World today.!

The best Space Rock Gig you ever saw?

 Hawkwind - Levitation tour 1980.

Which Space Rock muse would you most like to work with?

Bob Calvert but sadly that'll never happen, it almost did though.

What Space Rock album gets you into a good mood?

 Space Ritual.

Your fave Space Rock album cover?

 Space Ritual.

What are you up to at the moment?

 I'm working on 3 albums, a solo one with re works of 5 old solo songs and 6 new songs. Paul Rudolf, Nik Turner, Mick Slattery, Simon House and Terry Ollis are all contributing toward it.

Friday, December 29, 2017

My Favorite Records of 2017

1.   Gin Lady- Electric Earth (Sweden)
2.   Gov’t Mule- Revolution come, Revolution Go (US)
3.   Geezer- Psychriffadelica LP (US)
4.   Captain Beyond- Lost and Found (US)
5.   Motorpsycho- The Tower (Norway)
6.   Ethiva- Sublime Island LP (Spain)
7.   Elder- Refections of a Floating World (US)
8.   KG Westman- Shonashish (Sweden)
9.   3rd Ear Experience- Stoned Gold (US)
10.    All them Witches- Sleeping through the War (US)
11.    Causa Sui- Live in Copenhagen 3LP (Denmark)
12.   Electric Moon- Stardust Rituals (Germany)
13.    Samsara Blues Experiment- One with the Universe (Germany)

14.  Siena Root- A Dream of Lasting Piece (Sweden)
15.  The Obsessed- Sacred 2LP (US)
16. Circle- Terminal (Finland)
17. Papir- V (Denmark)
18.   Sammal- Live at Roadburn (Finland)
19.  Colour Haze- In her garden (Germany)
20.   ØSC- Hallucinations inside the Oracle (Den/Swe)
21. Mirror Queen- Verdigris (US)
22.   Sasquatch- Maneuvers (US)
23.   Korai Tracemission 2017 (Hungary)
24.   Five Horse Johnson- Jake Leg Boogie (US)

25.    Black Moon Circle- Studio Jams Vol 3- Flowing into the 3rd Dimension (Norway)

I think I received or bought about 250 releases from 2017 and these are ones that I heard the most of dug for one reason or another..  I did not review them all but quite a few of them. The order is not that important.